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All 720 eyewear are warranted by the manufacturer and tested to meet, even exceed Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection Devices ANSI Z87.1-2003 certification of USA.

Criteria Test Conducted Results
High Mass Impact test

Tested against a drop of a harp-edged object weighing 500g (1.13lbs) onto the lens from a height of 50 inches while the lens is fitted in its frame.

720 lens is impact-resistant.
High Velocity Impact test Tested against an impact from a steel ball of 6.35mm (0.25 “) in diameter, traveling at a velocity of 45.7 m/s (150ft/s). 720 lens is impact-resistant.
Penetration test Tested against penetration from a weighted projectile weighing 44.2 g (1.56 oz) dropped from a height of 127 cm (50 in). 720 lens is impact-resistant.

Prismatic Power

Refractive Power

Astigmatism test

Examined the lens under the following regulation:

1. Prismatic power shall not exceed 0.50 prism
    diopter in any direction.

2. Vertical and horizontal prism imbalance shall
    not exceed 1/4 prism diopter

3. Horizontal prism imbalance shall not exceed
    0.25 diopter "base in" or 0.50 diopter "base

720 eyewear approved with no higher than 0.06 of Prismatic and Refractive Power
Resolving Power test Tested to see whether blurring occurs when the lens is viewed from a distance. The lenses resolves the NBS pattern (vertical and horizontal thin lines are drawn closely together) from 10.67m, and results crystal clear lines in both orientations. 720 lenses meets NBS Definition Pattern testing resolution >20 at a distance of 10.67m providing excellent optical resolution.
Optical Quality test Examined for imperfections of thin lines, bubbles, waves or other visible defects that would impair optical quality. 720 lens is excellent in optical quality.
Transmittance test Tested against the transmittance for light filtration, while still providing protection against UV Rays. 720 lens is proven to transmit light well.
Cleanability test Tested against using cleaning solutions. 720 lens is not impaired.
Flammability test Tested against the exposure of flames, fire, and extreme heat to ensure if the frame will not ignite or combust at a rate faster than 76mm (3 in) / min. 720 eyewear is flame-resistant.