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All 720 eyewear is armed with 720's Extreme Definition Optics (EDO™) and Extreme Functional System (EFS™) technology, providing you the highest definition and comfortable wear.  Not only is it100% UV Ray protective but also scratch, reflect and impact resistant. The fully functional 720 lens gives you crystal-clear, distortion-free vision. The 720 frames are designed to give you an ultra lightweight, durable, flexible and snug fit wearing experience.

The table below helps you to understand the exclusive 720 icons and the functions they represent:
(Full details in Lens and Frame Technology sections)

Extremely Definition Optics (EDO™) Extremely Functional System (EFS™)
Double Impact PC Polarized Lens
Swiss Grilamid TR90 Frame
Double Impact Polarized Lens
Stainless Frame
Double Impact Polycarbonate Lens
TPU Frame
Raygenic X™  (Photochromic Lens)
Aluminum Frame
Sports Focus Technology
Nickel-Silver Frame
Light Enhancing System
Wrap Fit System
Anti-Scratch Coating
Edge Venting System
AR Multi-Layer System
ErgoGrip™ System 
Super Hydrophilic Anti-Fog Coating
Air-Float System
Super Hydrophobic Water Repellent Coating
Interchangeable System
Sola Lenses
RX-able System