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Analog, like its namesake, probably is the most revolutionary model in 720 ranges by its innovative frame design.


The adjustable 10 degree rotation joint design on the arm facilitates the fitting according to different ear position for each individual face texture to make the most of comfort and fit for users.



The replaceable lens design provides a user-friendly usage for those who need to frequently confront different climate condition and terrain.



Interchangeable air bag design is the backup for your ear not just for its amazing comfortable feel but also absorb the impact force during movement. Multi-color options of the air bag delighted the visual effect in terms of styling.




LES system is the cutting edge solution which was developed by NASA. The multi-layer coating brings strong performance on anti-glare, High-Impact reinforcement and water shedding properties without sacrifice of perfect vision.


Get yourself rearmed and gear up with 720’s ultimate innovation.

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  Item Lens Frame TransmissionWhat's transmission? FeaturesSee all features? Price
B355-1-PCPL 6-base PC Polarized Lens
Polarized Smoke
EMS Grilamid TR90
Glossy Black
USD 125.99
B355-2 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Transparent Aquamarine
EMS Grilamid TR90
Glossy White
USD 99.99
Not adaptor available.
B355-3 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Platinum Grey Ti
EMS Grilamid TR90
USD 99.99
Not adaptor available.
B355-4 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Transparent Aquamarine
EMS Grilamid TR90
Yellow Lime
USD 99.99
Not adaptor available.
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