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The all new designed lens replaceable frame out in 2020, 720armour brought to you our new tremendous pilot looking model – Mars.

Still applied with the sturdiest Arkema G850 to combine our ultra-protective PC lens, meanwhile, all fancy colors would satisfy you in style. MARS is your pal that will never fail on safety and style.

It is exclusively designed for the users who require most to replace lens upon different situation. Its specially designed slot could ease the lens changing to minimize the time while in racing.


1. CVS™  Compressed Venting System

2. ErgoGrip™  Adjustable nose pads

3. High Performance  Bioplastic frame with durable, flexible and shockproof, anti-slip design

4. MaxView™  Toric lens design, increases peripheral vision

5. Q’Lock™  Quick change lenses system

6. 720.me™  Personalized customization available

7. CRx™  Prescription customization available. Available in prescriptions of +2.00 ~-6.50


SIZE : Length   Width   Height  

(mm)   127        140       54.7


3D Try It Online 
(iPhone X and later model or iPad with IOS14 later system version)



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  Item Lens Frame TransmissionWhat's transmission? FeaturesSee all features? Price
A1903-2 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Platinum Grey Ti
Matte Black
USD 126.99
Will be replenished soon~!!!
A1903-3 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Champion Gold Ti
Matte White
USD 130.99

A1903-5 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Smoke Pink Flash
Watermelon Pink
USD 126.99
A1903-6-TAIWAN1 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Smoke Full Red Ti
Matte White (Blue Rubber) with TAIWAN1 print
USD 126.99
New Launch~!!!
A1903-11/HMS60FS PX
A1903-11/HMS60FS PX 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Photochromic Smoke Silver Flash
Arkema G850
Matte Black
USD 146.99
Will be replenished soon~!!!
A1903-12/HMS60RB PX
A1903-12/HMS60RB PX 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Photochromic Smoke Light Blue
Arkema G850
Matte White
USD 146.99
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