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Kamikaze Cylinder

Kamikaze, refer to its meaning of origin, is “divine wind” and special attack unit.

Yes, pretty straight forward, 720armour would like to strike down the entire obstacle on the way of your vision to elevate your joy while in motion.

Equipped with polycarbonate lens, the sturdiest protection, gives you relieved feeling no matter how hard the environment is.

With additions of extraordinary outfits such as:

1. 3D Fitting Design : 3-Phase adjustable arms Fitting Design.
2. One Piece EasySight : Cylindrical lens design, increases peripheral vision
3. Lightweight: Grilamid TR90
4. ErgoGrip™: Adjustable nose pads

Just put up your mind, 720armour would have done the rest for you.

SIZE : Length   Width   Height 
(mm)  128     140     45

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  Item Lens Frame TransmissionWhat's transmission? FeaturesSee all features? Price
B369C7-3 Smoke Full Red Ti / Cylinder Lens EMS Grilamid TR90
Geisha Purple
USD 114.99
New Launch
B369C7-4 Smoke Full Blue Ti / Cylinder Lens EMS Grilamid TR90
Matte Dark Navy
USD 114.99
New Launch
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