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These performance glasses equipped with the latest 720armour patented technology, for example, “Flash” has a lightweight and versatile structure for easily assembling to be different type like whole, half and rimless frames, Anti-Slip temples and adjustable nose pad give you unbeatable comfort, the big cylindrical lens has high optical quality and maximizes your field of view.

Moreover, these frame material utilize eco-friendly material (Arkema G850 bio-plastic), which will significantly reduce the impact on the environment. This special compound material can increase the frame’s durability in terms of color fading issue and strength. “We want to build a glasses has a longer lifespan, it can go with the customers for a period instead of a disposal, that’s because we care about environment and brand sustainability,”


Product Features

  1. CVS™:Compressed Venting System
  2. ErgoGrip™:Adjustable and non-slip rubber nose pads
  3. High PerformanceBio-based plastic frame with durable, flexible and shockproof, anti-slip design
  4. KIAO Tech:Versatile assembling for whole, half, rimless frame styles
  5. MaxView™:Big cylindrical lens design, maximizes your field of view
  6. Ultra AFP™: Resists fogging in aggressive conditions
  7. Anti-Fog Protection and anti-scratch coating (Long-lasting anti-fog coating and mirror surface scratch protection)


SIZE : Length   Width   Height  

(mm)   123        139       56


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  Item Lens Frame TransmissionWhat's transmission? FeaturesSee all features? Price
S157-1-PCPL 6-base PC Polarized Lens
Polarized Smoke / Cylinder Lens
Arkema G850 & Hytrel
Matte Black w/ Glossy Black Temple
USD 168.99
New Launch~!!!
S157-7 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Champion Gold Ti / Cylinder Lens
Arkema G850 & Hytrel
Matte Ferrari Red w/ Ferrari Red Temple
USD 141.99
New Launch~!!!
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