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Mars Jr.

Introducing the Mars JR (Junior), designed especially for small faces!
In keeping with the design heritages of A1903 Mars, the toric lens increases peripheral vision, combined with CVS (Compressed Venting System) for fog repelling and ergonomically designed frames that secure on the face.

High-contrast HiColor lenses, available as an option, offer a three-dimensional depth of field for sharper, clearer and more agile vision.

※The frame is constructed from French-made Arkema G850 (Bio-based Plastic), which reduces carbon emissions by more than 45% compared to traditional petrochemical-based plastic frames. BPA and BPS-free products promote a healthy environment and a sustainable earth.

1. Eco-friendly design: Applied with the sturdiest Arkema G850 to combine our ultra-protective PC lens, meanwhile, all fancy colors would satisfy you in style.
2. EasySight: One-piece toric lens design, increases peripheral vision
3. CVS™: Compressed Venting System increase fog repelling
4. ErgoGrip™: Adjustable nose pads
5. CRx™: Prescription customization available. Available in prescriptions of +2.00 ~-6.50

SIZE : Length     Width   Height  

(mm)   125.5      126.4     51.9

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S161-4 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Smoke Fantasy Pink
Arkema G850
Matte Crystal Violet
USD 106.99
New Launch~!!!
S161-5 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
Smoke Copper Flash
Arkema G850
Matte Lush Chartreuse
USD 106.99
New Launch~!!!
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