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Aqua II

If you are going  to be doing water sports, but don't expect to be sizing-up the appropriate wave to launch yourself into a floaty-jump and a board-off, Aqua II's might be for you.  They have the Edge Venting System which facilitates better airflow and eliminates fog.  Also, the Adjustable System allows you to make changes with the straps and pads to suit your look.  Finally, the Super Hyrdrophilic Anti-Fog coating assures clarity of vision.


Because the pull to the ocean that you feel is a stronger motivator than the pull to the office, you are going to need to be more equipped than just having a good excuse to call in sick.  Enter Aqua II.  They provide you with all the style and technology you need but will certainly not cover for you if the boss figures out.  We are working on that still.

SIZE :  Length      Width     Height        
(mm)      115          125         45

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G154-3-PCPL 8-base PC Polarized Lens
PC Polarized Smoke
EMS Grilamid TR90
Black Pearlized Red
USD 117.60
G154-4 8-base Polycarbonate Lens
Smoke Silver Flash
EMS Grilamid TR90
USD 76.65
G154-5-PCPL 8-base PC Polarized Lens
Polarized Smoke
EMS Grilamid TR90
USD 117.60
720 Outlet
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720 Lite
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