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Kenting look so cool I wonder why we include them in the Wave Series.  They are designed for water sports though, and that becomes obvious when you find out they include the Light Enhancing System, Multi-Layer System and the Super Hyrdrophilic Anti-Fog and Water Repellent coatings.  The specialty of Kenting is that they float, meaning you well never lose them during your play in the water.


If you are the one driving the boat, we recommend this pair.  If you are the one dominating the wake behind it, we recommend this pair.  Hell, if you are in the crowd egging the former two on to push the envelope, we recommend this pair. 

SIZE :  Length      Width     Height        
(mm)      120          128         41

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G115-6 8-base Polycarbonate Lens
Brown Braze Flash
EMS Grilamid TR90
USD 81.9
720 Outlet
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