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Simple, but not easy.

Curvy, but not crazy.

The clean-cut look stimulates the athletes to their maximum confidence.

Between static to dynamic, you only feel relieved and stable while in motion.

Explode your stamina, bring out all you’ve got.


With additions of extraordinary functions such as:

1. High-impact resistance Polycarbonate lens

2. Super Hydrophobic Water repellant coating.

3. Light Enhancing System

4. Ergo-grip System

5. Wrap-Fit System

6. Swiss TR90 Grilamid frame

7. Adjustable nose pad

8. Anti-slip arm

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T445Lite-4 8-base Polycarbonate Lens
EMS Grilamid TR90
Light Neon Pink
USD 62
A-Trak Series
Performance Series
Optex Series
Wave Series
Urban Series
720 Lite
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