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720armour has a wide range of stylish and multi-functional sports eyewear for all occasions. You can also customize your every need with our technologically designer lenses to enhance your viewing pleasure. The transmittance category of 720armour can be located on the inner-right side of the frame.

Protection Category (European Standard EN 1836)
Category Transmission Condition Recommended Usage
Cat.0 80% - 100% Blocks wind and dust. Suitable for Night/Weak lighting conditions.
Cat.1 43% - 80% Suitable for late-afternoon or cloudy weather.
Cat.2 18% - 43% Suitable for all daytime conditions.
Cat.3 08% - 18%
Capable of blocking out harsh light, suitable for daytime conditions.
Cat.4 03% - 08%
Processed with ultra-filters, suitable for usage in snow or high reflective lighting conditions, however not suitable when driving.