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Sola International was created by a group of 5 opticians in Australia in the 50’s with the purpose of creating lenses from hard plastics.  This innovating thinking led to Sola being immediately recognized as an industry leader and the company continues this trend today.  Sola lenses is now owned by Carl Zeiss Vision Group and as part of Carl Zeiss, Sola is at the forefront of lens research and development and will continue to be the leaders of lens technology for the foreseeable future.

720 will utilize Sola’s latest releases in a long line of technologically advanced products including Sola's polarized lenses and the impact resistant and protective Impacto.  Designed in the Carl Zeiss research and development labs, it is the newest creation in a long line of industry shaking innovations.



  • 5 – 6 times stronger than most polycarbonate
  • Refractive index – n = 1.58
  • Passes ANZI Z87.1 High Impact Test
  • Passes MIL-STD 622 Ballistic Test (0.22 Caliber)
  • 100% UV Protection

Source: http://www.solasunlens.com