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Contrast is king for optimizing visual clarity during active pursuits. Activated by variations in light, 720armour’s Raygenic X™ lenses combine impact resistance with photochromic versatility for rapid adjustment to changing conditions and total UV protection even from their lightest tint.

You demand a nimble high-performance racing bike or lightning-fast handling from your surfboard or snowboard. Now you can expect the same rapid response to changing light with our photochromic Raygenic X™ lenses to optimize contrast and clarity without the guessing and hassle of multiple lens choices.

See clearly and hold your line as you dart between covered shade and open light on the roads and the slopes, or move about under thick clouds, café roofs, and brilliant sunlight. If versatility is the diagnosis, Raygenic X™ photochromic lenses are the cure for casual wear to intense sports thanks to these outstanding features:

Extreme Protection:
720 Raygenic X™ photochromic lenses are FDA 21 CFR801.410 and ANSI Z87.1 certified. Forged with NXT® Light Translation Technology, they deliver 100% UV protection and superb light control. 

Easy Comfort:
Sporting Trivex®, a military-grade polymer, our Raygenic X™ lenses are 128% lighter than normal glass and even 10% lighter than regular polycarbonate. Combined with the softness and flexibility of our rims on such styles as Hitman, their lightness liberates your inner focus.

Crisp Vision:
We worked with NXT® to formulate our Raygenic X™ photochromic lenses on our patented Sport Focus Technology platform. So say goodbye to prismatic distortion, outstanding coverage from wind and debris, and greet the ease and optical optimization of photochromic activation with Raygenic X™ lenses.

Raygenic X™ (Day-Nite Lens) Lightest <-------------------------> Darkest
Tint Light Amber  day-night Dark Grey
Transmittance 77%  18%
Category Cat. 1 Cat. 2

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Though photochromic lens is good, 720 still strongly recommends that it is better to have a second pair sunglasses (with Cat.3) to give you thorough eye protection.

NXT® is the trademark of Intercast Europe, Italy.
Trivex® is the trademark of PPG Industries, USA.