Go Funfashion Treatment – Shark T935B2-8-PCPL-P

Our IF award winning Shark (T935B2) will be also coming in brilliant new colours. And, of course, with our new technology, the brilliant gold finish will stick closely to the polarized lens.

720’s Shark begins by breaking a common misconception – That you don’t need eyewear when doing water sports. 720’s Double Impact Polycarbonate Polarized lenses obliterate glare and enhance optical performance by eliminating off-axis prismatic mistakes. When you’re 40 feet in the air in the middle of a kite-loop, you know the world really needs a good pair of professional water-sports sunglasses.

Now in eye-catching Matte White with Polarized Champion Gold Ti.

720’s fun and fashion keep you going.


720armour at Taipei Cycle Show 2014
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