720armour invites you to join us at Taipei Cycle Show 2017 since 22nd ~25th March 2017.

2017 New Colours, “CRx Custom SportRx”, 720 Hi-Color Press Release

Being one of the leading sports eyewear manufacturer, 720armour Sports sunglasses will be continuously showed up at Nangang Exhibition Hall from March 22~25 to meet its fellow cyclists, and introduce its new 2017 colors, CRx Custom SportRx,720.me and most importantly our new 720 Hi-Color lens.  We welcome everyone to visit us at Booth L1008 and experience what amazing shock we can bring to you.

720armour’s Main Focuses in 2017:

1) 720.CRx™ – Fully Customize SportRx Sunglasses

As the number of population requiring prescription lens continue to rise and the Chinese cycling community’s continuing search for a better outdoor lifestyle quality, 720 will launch our 720CRx (Customized SportRx) Optical Eyewear series products. This innovative product line will solve the frustrations that prescription required cyclist have during their outdoor activities. At the same time, 720 will present its patented A-Trak series sports eyewear, and we welcome all cycling enthusiast to come experience our cutting edge new products. 

2) 720.Me- Personalized design for your exclusive 720 models

Getting a cool pair of shades on is not that cool anymore. What about printing your own signature or get your own label engraved on?

720.Me is one of the successful projects that 720armour can bound with other reputed organizations or international events such as KOM, IRONMAN…ETC.


Get your own ID at 720armour sounds crazy but not fantasy, right?


3) 720 Hi-Color Lens

UV400 is probably not enough especially when the violet UV Ray is getting more brutal day-to-day.

720armour had devoted innovation to provide better protection for people’s vision. Our new 720 Hi-Color  lens can cut out more glares and blue violet ray that UV400 cannot reached.

Wanna know more about this? Please visit us during the show.


 720armour at Taipei Cycle Show 2017

Venue: Nangang Exhibition Hall
Booth number: L1008
Date: May 22~25, 2017

To book a meeting, please email: reggie@720-armour.com

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