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A beacon of technology and a front for style, Beamer is no push-over.  Its humble beginning from a hand-made European mould to the beautiful specimen you see now was no simple feat.  Being fitted with interchangeable Double Impact Polycarbonate lenses, they can withstand impact from objects travelling at over 150ft/s, and the optical experience is pure and free from distortions or warping.  Supporting these lenses are TR90 frames backed with 720’s EFS™ frame technology, which are rigid enough to fit snugly on your skull, but flexible enough to adapt to different individuals.

Beamer’s cuts, lines, curves and finishes are very intentional.  Design and technology are blended into a form oozing individuality and cachet.  They are your friend, confident and protector.

SIZE :  Length      Width     Height        
(mm)      115          132         40


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T930-2 8-base Double Impact Polycarbonate Smoke EMS Grilamid TR90
Matte Black/Grey Rubber Wrap
USD 73.40
T930-3 8-base Double Impact Polycarbonate Smoke Silver Flash EMS Grilamid TR90
Shiny Black/Black Rubber Wrap
USD 73.40
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