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An evolutionary refinement of the wildly popular 720 Cross model, Rock races to take its place under the spotlight with bravado and attitude. Superstar looks and a wide choice of frame and temple grip colors are only the beginning, because Rock gets its swagger from a full array of performance features you’ll want to boast about, starting with a curvature built for sport. Fog-busting, nano-coated, full-framed A-TrakTM system lenses maximize protection from brutal winds and the prying looks of adoring fans, top and bottom venting keeps the air flowing while you do your thing, and they swap out in an instant when you’re ready for a change.



From the stage to the podium, when you’re ready for prime time get your Rock 


SIZE: Length: Width: Height:
 130       130       47

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  Item Lens Frame TransmissionWhat's transmission? FeaturesSee all features? Price
B339-1-PCPL 8-base
PC Polarized Lens
Polarized Smoke
EMS Grilamid TR90
Glossy black
USD 137
B339-2 8-base Polycarbonate Lens
Smoke Yellow Ti
EMS Grilamid TR90
Glossy white
USD 109
B339-4 8-base Polycarbonate Lens
Smoke Red Ti
EMS Grilamid TR90
Glossy black
USD 109
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