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Fitting has always been an issue for narrow faced person.

Inherited from Elfo and provided with wider lens, A-Fei would be another good pick if you're looking to get small face frame at the point of technology and great looking.

Applied with the sturdiest Arkema G850 frame to combine our ultra-protective PC lens, A-Fei is definitely functioning as well as other 720 models. Also, you will fall into the dilemma about color selection.


1. One Piece Easy-Sight: Goggle-typed wide surface lens broaden the visual area.

2. Light weight: Arkema G850 sturdy frame gives burden-less load on face.

3. ErgoGrip™: Anti-allergy / Anti-slip / Adjustable nose-pad design.

4. CVS™: Compressed Venting System performs strong on defogging by diversion of dynamic airflow.

5. CRx™: Prescription customization available. Available in prescriptions of+2.00 ~-6.50


SIZE : Length   Width   Height 

(mm)   123          141       54.2


3D Try It Online 
(iPhone X and later model or iPad with IOS14 later system version)



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