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Grounded in 720’s EDO™ lens technology and EFS™ frame technology, Hitman is a staple of science moving forward. Over 150 tests of prismatic power, flexibility, optical quality, and impact resistance forged and refined Hitman to meet and destroy international standards for performance and protection. Double Impact lenses™ are your first line of defense from the sun, rain, glare and any objects that get in your path. The Compressed Venting System™ controls the flow of air around you, keeping pressure off your face and your lenses fog free.

Move through the pack, one by one, leaving the rest behind. Caught in your tailwind, filled with fear, never going to see you again. Take the competition out.

SIZE :  Length      Width     Height        
(mm)      130          134         47

(For Rx-able and less wrapping Hitman, please see here.)


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