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Like its namesake, Mantis comes in a cool shade of green and is always coiled and ready to pounce at every chance for adventure and challenge. This new model features aggressive styling worthy of the name, but packs breakthrough new features and design touches for all-day comfort and performance. The first feature that leaps out at you is the soft temple “tubes.” Made of hypoallergenic rubber, like spring-loaded bumpers they form fit to your face, move with you, and prevent slipping to keep your alert eyes on the next target down the road or obstacle in the park.


Interchangeable lenses give you access to the IN series of lens options and swap out in seconds, and the crystalline “synthetic titanium” frames ensure you’ll never just blend into the crowd, from the peloton to the climbing wall.


Like you, Mantis targets a challenge and seizes it.

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  Item Lens TransmissionWhat's transmission? FeaturesSee all features? Description Price
L333-C100 Polycarbonate
   USD 26 
L333-Y77 Polycarbonate
   USD 26 
720 Outlet
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