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Nationality : UK

Professional cyclist, journalist, and editor. Now 41, the “neo pro” Rodgers offers a perspective inversely proportional to his age in its freshness and insight. As a participant and observer, a racer and a fan, he is amused and amazed by the life he’s living in the saddle and on the road at an age when most athletes are described with the word “former” before their name.

Records :

2013 1st, Tour of Friendship (Thailand) Prologue ITT

2013 3rd, Tour of Friendship Stage 1

2013 3rd Tour of Friendship Stage 2

2013 2nd, Tour of Friendship Stage 5

2013 1st, Overall GC Tour of Friendship


2013 1st, Rosso Cycling Championships, Taiwan


2013 1st, Tatajia 55km Hill Climb, Taiwan


2013 1st, Taiwan Cycling Championships Stage 5


2012 1st, UCI 2.1 Tour of Taiwan Points Classification, Winner


2012 3rd, UCI 2.2 Tour of Brunei Stage 1


2012 5th, UCI 2.2 Tour of East Java Stage 2


2012 2nd, Overall GC UCI 2.2 Tour of East Java 2012


2011 1st, Singapore National ITT Championships


2010 1st, Singapore National Road Race Championships


2010 1st, Kisamura Two-Day, Japan