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Nationality : Philippines

Frank "The Legend" Lacson, a.k.a. Helty Almusal, turned age 50 in 2013.  Known as the Father of Philippines Triathlon to many, he has been actively participating in Triathlon races since 1983 and is still racing as we speak.  Proving age is not a factor when ones heart is set to a goal. 

He was the 1st Filipino Triathlete, 1st Philippine National Champion 1992, 1st Filipino who has won in 5 age divisions (locally), 5 year member of Philippine Triathlon Team, 30+ years Triathlon veteran, and 123 Triathlon Career finishes & counting.

Records :

2012 1st, Sibit Sibit Open water swim

2007 3rd, 1st Subik Subik Open Water Challenge  


1993 1st, Makati Summer Sports, Executive A Div 

1993 1st, St Lukes Cycling Classic III  CCP Complex to Batulao, Advance Div

1993 4th, 5th Yakult Summer Cycling Festival  Luneta to Nasugbu, Sports Cat

1992 2nd, 4th Yakult Summer Cycling Festival  Baclaran to Nasugbu,Sports Cat

1992 2nd, 1st Interclub Criterium Race FTI Bicutan Paranaque

1992 6th, Khumbela "Heat of the battle" CCP Complex to Tagaytay

1991 3rd, Ginsana Road Race Cycling Classic CCP Complex to Puerto Azul Sports Cat


2013 10th, Subic International Marathon 42K

2012 4th, Lion's Run 16K  

2012 4th, 1st IBP Zambales Chapter 16K  Subic Bay

2012 5th, Independence Day run 10K Subic Bay

2010 1hr 35min, QC International Marathon

2008 47min 10sec, Subic Marathon Legacy Run 10K Subic Bay 

2008 41st Subic Marathon 42K  Subic Bay  

2006 13th, 30th Milo Marathon 21K Subic Bay

2004 9th, Phil Red Cross Race for Humanity 10Km

2004 42min 20sec, 28th Milo Marathon, 10K  Metro Manila    

2003 4hrs 1min, 27th Milo Marathon, 42k Manila 

2003 11th, 1st Laguna Marathon 42K, San Pedro, Laguna  

2003 12th, 20K Milo Marathon, Olongapo 

1994 1st, 11th Runnex 10 km, UP Diliman  

1994 1st, Tutuban Summer Sports Festival, Senior Category  5 km                  

1993 2nd, 10th Runnex 10 km, UP Diliman                                                             

1993 1st, 17th National Milo Marathon 20 Km , Executive Div 

1993 1st, Hyatt Valentine 5 km, Pasay City                                                              

1992 2nd, Pharmaton RP Masters Series 10km                                                           

1992 1st, 16th National Milo Marathon 20 Km , Executive Div                                

1991 2nd, 15th National Milo Marathon 20 Km, Executive Div          


2013 1st, Safeguard 5150, Subic Bay, 50-54 age group

2013 2nd, Ironman 70.3 Cebu, 50-54 age group  course PR               

2013 1st, Century Tuna 5150, Subic Zambales  45-49 age group  course                                         

2012 1st, White Rock Triathlon, Subic Zambales  45-49 age group 

2012 11th, Ironman 70.3 Cebu, 45-49 age group                                 

2012 2nd, Century Tuna 5150, Subic Zambales 45-49 age group         

2011 1st, White Rock Triathlon, Subic Zambales 45-49 age group                              

2011 4th (2nd local), Ironman 70.3 Camsur,   45-49 age group

2010 1st, Tri-Unilab White Rock,Subic Zambales 45-49 age group                           

2010 5th (3rd local), Ironman 70.3 Camsur,   45-49 age group                                  

2009 2nd, White Rock Triathlon, Subic Zambales 45-50 age group                                   

2009 5th (1st local), Ironman 70.3 Camsur,   45-50 age group                                   

2007 2nd, White Rock Triathlon, Subic Zambales 40-45 age group                                 

2007 2nd, ITU-BG Junior Camp Sprint Tri, SBMA  Overall Age Group       

2007 2nd, 1st Iba Zambales Triathlon 40-45 age group                                            

2006 ITU O2 Long Distance SBMA, Zambales  Team Relay 1st Runner Up

2006 White Rock Triathlon,  Subic Zambales   Team Relay Team Champions

2005 SEA Games Test Race  SBMA, Zambales  Team Relay Team Champions

2005 White Rock Triathlon, Subic Zambales    Team Relay Team Champions

2004 White Rock Triathlon, Subic Zambales    Team Relay Team Champions

2003 13th, Enduraman Triathlon, Subic Bay, Zambales           

2002 5th, 1st Philippine Ironman, Matabungkay Batangas 

1998 2nd, Everyman sprint Triathlon series, Ateneo De Manila 30-35 agegrp        

1997 1st, Subic Bay Half Ironman, Relay team Categ(swimmer)

1996 4th, 1st Philippine Half Ironman, Matabungkay Batangas

1995 2nd, "Araw ng Kalayaan" Duathlon, Ayala Alabang            

1991 1st, Nike Triathlon, Marbella Resort, Ternate Cavite    

1985 2nd, 1st Annual Chaffey College Sprint Triathlon, Ca USA        


2012 1st, Asian Duathlon Championship Subic Bay Freeport 45-49 age group


2013 1st, 20th Subic International Triathlon    50-54 age group          

2013 2nd, National AG Triathlon Subic           50-54 age group            

2012 2nd, 19th Subic Bay International Triathlon 46-50 age group 

2011 3rd, 18th Subic Bay International Triathlon 46-50 age group 

2010 2nd, 17th Subic Bay International Triathlon 46-50 age group

2009 2nd, 16th Subic Bay International Triathlon 46-50 age group              

2008 5th, O3 Asian ITU Long Distance Triathlon 40-49 age group        

2008 3rd, 15th Subic Bay International Triathlon 40-45 age group     

2007 3rd, 2nd O2 Long Distance Triathlon          40-45 age group         

2007 1st, 14th Subic Bay International Triathlon 40-45 age group                   

2006 3rd, 13th Subic Bay International Triathlon Team Division  Team Herbalife         

2005 4th, 11th Subic Bay International Triathlon 40-45 age group                           

2004 4th, Asian Triathlon Championship. 40-45 age group                    

2003 10th Subic Bay International Triathlon                         

1997 2nd, 5th Subic Bay International Triathlon, 30-39 age grp & Asian Championship, Subic Bay

1996 2nd, 4rth Subic Bay International Triathlon, 30-39 age grp

1995 1st, 3rd Subic Bay International Triathlon , 30-39 age grp

1994 3rd, 2nd Subic Bay International Triathlon, National Div  

1993 2nd, 1st Subic Bay International Triathlon, National Div                                                    

1993 5th, 2nd National Triathlon Championship, Puerto Azul Resort, Ternate Cavite                  

1992 1st, 1st National Triathlon Championship. Puerto Azul Resort, Ternate Cavite   
REGIONAL EVENTS                           

1996 Cebu Gatorade Invitational, Plantation Bay Resort, Mactan Island, Cebu      

1994 2nd, Davao City  "Araw ng Davao Festival "Triathlon              

INTERNATIONAL EVENTS (National team member)

1996 5th Asian Triathlon Championship, Madras India

1995 4rth Asian Triathlon Championship, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

1994 3rd Asian Triathlon Championship, Cheju Island, Korea

1993 2nd Asian Triathlon Championship, Tianjin China

Hobbies : PC Games and IT, cross country ski, ice speed skating, and Kayaking

Vision : "To change the nutritional habits of the world and save lives through that."