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The Team Constitution

The directasia.com Cycling Team was created to fill a gap. We felt that there were no proper cycling teams in existence in Greater China despite having a huge range of talent which would benefit from a professional structure.  The purpose of the team is to offer talented and hard working cyclists the opportunity to learn how a professional team runs and works together including tactics, nutrition, teamwork, and more.

Lanterne Rouge has a vision to build the most respected amateur cycling team and program in Greater China.

-- from www.lanternerougeonline.com

Team Members:

Amber WILL

Height: 177cm
Weight: 64kgs

About me as a cyclist:
I have big expectations for myself in the future but for now I'm focused on learning from the experienced riders on this team and growing as a rider.


Height: 185cm

Favourite quotes:
"Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever" (Armstrong)
"It never gets easier, you just go faster" (LeMond)

About me as a cyclist:
I raced as a student and was pretty good probably because I had a lot of time to train. After a couple of years of riding, I got a fifth place in the British Time Trial Championships (Graeme Obree won that year). Then I started work...then got married and had a child...
And what a difference it makes! Still, I try to fit in as much training as possible (which means little sleep and getting up at 5am). At times that works well and I've got some decent race results. And, at other times, family or work has to come first. But, regardless of how much time I have for it, cycling will always be my passion.

Greatest accomplishments as a cyclist:
5th, British Time Trial Championships (1997, 2008)
1st overall, Tour de Bintan (2012)
1st overall, Tour of Matabungkay (2011)
1st overall, Tour of Egat (2008)
1st, Singapore Time Trial Championships (2010, 2008, 2007, 2006)




Height: 172cm
Weight: 66kg

Favourite quote:
"I am fast. To give you a reference point I am somewhere between a snake and a mongoose...and a panther." -Dwight Schrute

About me as a cyclist:
I started out racing mountain bikes when I was younger as a junior then switched to road cycling. I didn't ride much for a few years then I moved to Italy to study and my passion for cycling was reignited when I raced there. After I finished school I continued to ride for fitness, then a few years of minimal riding followed due to a bad cycling accident and a few surgeries that kept me off the bike.

A few years back I decided to give racing on the road another shot, got fit and ended up racing in Asia quite a bit with a couple of different teams. Through those races I became friends with a few of the guys on Team DirectAsia.com and was invited to join the team last year. It has been a great experience for me being on a domestic elite team of this caliber and riding in a team with some of the best amateurs in Asia along with riding some of the best amateur events and some pro events in the region.
Greatest Accomplishment as a cyclist:
4th GC Tour de Bintan, Indonesia 2012 with my teammate, Colin Robertson, securing 1st on GC
5th GC Tour of Friendship, Thailand 2013
Riding a good portion of the route of the 2012 Tour de France whilst pointing a camera at a group of intrepid women who rode the entire route, every stage and every kilometer, one day before the pros on every stage


Deverell SMITH


Height: 187cm
Weight: 83 kgs

Favourite Quote:
"Actions speak louder than words"

About me as a cyclist:
My swimming background lead me into triathlons where the bike was the disciplined I loved the most.
Having moved to HK in 2010 I found some great terrain and training buddies/friends and started to get into the local bike racing scene here. 2012 on the biking front was a bit of a write off as I spent a month lying on my back due to a back injury and operation. I'm now back on the bike and finally racing for Team Directasia.com and targeting Bintan at the end of 2013, and some bigger/longer stage races back permitting in 2014 and beyond.

Greatest accomplishment as a cyclist:
Hong Kong SiRS Peak ITT record: 18:09 (456 watts)


Height: 192cm
Weight: 78kg

Favourite Quote:
"we've gone on holiday by mistake!!" Withnail and I quote that usually goes thru my head while hammering away in some back of beyond race at 55kph and 45°C!

About me as a cyclist:
Have been cycling in semi-serious fashion for 8 years, in 2012 I decided to take things up a notch just to see what I'm capable of. I enjoy the camaraderie and banter, that feeling of going stupidly fast and of ripping legs off the competition. Style of riding somewhere between time trialer, GC and super domestique.

Greatest accomplishment as a cyclist:
Helping my team mates to some decent GC wins and podiums; Racing with some of the best in Asia at the UCI 2.2 tour de Filipinas (before getting derailed by a stomach bug!); coming 6th overall in the 2007 HK national time trial.




Height: 183cm
Weight: 82kgs

Favorite Quote
"Think training is hard? Try loosing"

About me as a cyclist:
Two years into my racing career, I’ll say it’s a “Steep learning curve!”  There are so many factors that can influence a bike race and many are out of one’s control.  A huge time and effort commitment is required and even with the “legs” ultimately good luck is needed to find results.  What I am learning is how to make my luck. 

Greatest accomplishment as a cyclist:
2nd Place, Tour de Friendship stage 5, Thailand. 2012. 
My contribution to the Tour De Bintan overall “GC” win and also “Best Performing Team award.” 2012.


Mike has been a personal trainer since 2004 (AASFP certified). An athlete that takes to high level sport quickly, he ran at school level Cross Country and Athletics in Australia. He then took on the track events a little more seriously where he ran the 400 & 800m at a Club, State & National Level.
Since moving to HK eight years ago from Sydney, Mike tried another sport that being triathlon and found himself often on the podium in the local HK and Asian regional races. He then decided to take on cycling as a full time sport in 2009 and now finds himself part of a HK based elite amatuer team, Team Direct Asia.

Check Mike out at his hard rock Torq de HK rides (www.torqcycle.com) - no pain, no gain!

Paulo Caputo

Height: 172cm
Weight: 64kg

Favourite Quote:
"flies only those who dares to do so"

About me as a cyclist:
Punchy and brisk, I hate Time Trials.

Greatest accomplishment as a cyclist:
riding for Team Directasia.com!


Height: 179cm
Weight: 84kg

Favourite Quote:
"In the land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king" - Desiderius Erasmus (c. 1500)

About me as a cyclist:
Recently moved from a long distance triathlon background. Loving the challenge of tactics in Bike racing vs triathlon. On the team to help out as a domestique and develop my sprinting skills. My Goals include winning a stage and to race UCI 2.2 event.

Greatest accomplishment as a cyclist:
Riding for the Yellow Jersey winning Team DirectAsia squad in Bintan 2012.

Robert LAMB