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Start Cycling Team

Team Members:

Eugen Wacker

Kyrgysztan, 18/04/1974

Four times TT champion of Asia, is one of the most important riders in the team!
Objectives for 2014: Winner the Asian
Results include wins in: Canada, Germany, Turkey, Iran, Australia, Poland, France, Italy, and all Asia

Ng Yong Li

Malaysia, 06/10/1985

Malaysian Rider with much experience in the Asia Calendar. His experience from all the races in Asia is the most important for the team.

Unai Iparraguirre

Spain, 25/07/1988

3rd in the Tour de China 2013, this Spanish rider will be much important for the team in 2014 and we are expecting great results from him.

Ulises Castillo

Mexico, 05/03/1992

Young and talented with two years of experience in the UCI Training Center, in Aigle, Suisse.

Gustavo Miño

Paraguay, 12/06/1984

National Champion in 2013, participated in the TT World Championship of Florence in September of 2013, the first Paraguay to participate in History.

Ruben Caseny

Spain, 13/09/1986

This Spanish guy is very important for the team. He is one of the best in the world and a true high-level athlete.

David Van Eerd

Holland, 23/04/1990

This rapid Dutch rider was one of the top performers for the Start Cycling Team in 2013, but unfortunately, due to an accident, wasn’t able to produce good results. We are sure he can perform and become one of the leaders for the team with great results.

Carlos Henrique Dos Santos

Brazil, 23/04/1994

Carlos is a young talent from Brazil. He has participated in the World Champion Ship 2012 and the 3rd place in the Brazilean Championship under 23 in 2013.

Mauricio Frazer

Argentina, 24/01/1984

Competed in 33 countries and 4 continents, Mauricio is an Argentinean rider with a lot of experience.

Nicky Allard

Belgium, 06/06/1986

Returning from an accident in 2006, his life experience is incredible. Just 1 year ago, he was still weighing at 114kg, and now he is ready to return to professional racing with 70kg.  With his will and persistence, we are expecting many wins from him!

Francisco Riveros

Paraguay, 11/11/1994

A major new talent from Paraguay, the National Championship under 23.

Sebastian Mora

Paraguay, 07/11/1991

Victor Niño

Colombia, 04/06/1973

Colombian climber with many experience and many wins.
Winner of one stage in the Tour de Taiwan, 3rd in the GC of Tour de Langkawi. He is one of the most appreciated rider in America and Asia.

Carlos Galviz

Venezuela, 27/10/1988

Winner of the mountain jersey in Vuelta al Tachira, one of the most hardest races in the world. Also 3rd in general classification, and 2nd in the National Championship. He is one of the best climers of Latin America and promises great results in 2014.

Elias Hellekov

Denmark, 02/06/1994

Specialist in Track, this young Danish rider was only 19 years old when he participated in the World Cup with good results.

Lars Pria

Romania, 31/01/1983

Another rider with much  experience for the team. Lars was 3rd in the Romanian Championship and for this year, his objective is to participate in the World Championship.