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• 8th Route Adélie
• 14th Paris-Tours
• 14th Tour de Vendée
• 17th Classic Loire-Atlantique


o Overall winner sprints classification, Route du Sud
o 3rd Tour du Doubs
o 4th French National Road Race Championship
o 14th overall, Tour de San Luis
o 123rd overall, Giro d’Italia


o 6th overall, Tropicale Amissa Bongo / 5th and 7th on stages
o 6th on a stage, Route du Sud
o 8th Polynormande
o 15th Cholet Pays de Loire
o 17th overall Paris-Corrèze
o 20th GP Samyn
o 21st GP Industria e Commercio di Prato

2009 (U23):

o Stage winner, Tour Loire Pilat / 3rd overall
o Stage winner, Tour de l’Avenir / 15th overall / Wore the Yellow Jersey
o Winner GP de Belley
o Overall winner, Tour du Chablais
o Overall and stage winner, Tour du Pays de Filière
o Stage winner, Ronde de l'Isard / 10th overall
o Overall winner, Tour de l'Ardèche Méridionale / 2nd, 3rd and 5th on stages
o Winner GP de Saint-Etienne
o 2nd on a stage, Tour des Pays de Savoie
o 2nd on a stage, mi-août bretonne / 3rd overall
o 3rd GP Savin
o 3rd Tour du Périgord
o 5th French National Road Race Championship

2008 (U23):

o Stage winner, Tour du Jura
o Overall and stage winner, Tour de la Vallée de l’Ance
o Overall winner, Tour de la Creuse / 2nd on Team TT / 3rd on a stage
o Stage winner, Tour du Gévaudan
o 2nd overall, Tour des Pays de Savoie / 2nd and 4th on stages
o 2nd GP de Pernes les Fontaines
o 5th GP de Vougy
o 5th GP de Charvieu-Chavagneux

2007 (U23):

o Stage winner, Tour du Béarn / 4th overall
o 2nd Classique Ain-Jura
o 2nd GP Lyaud Armoy
o 3rd, 4th and 7th on stages, Tour de la Réunion / 6th overall

2006 (U23):
Winner GP de Gleize / 3rd and 5th on stages

2005 (U19):

o Winner of a round of the National Challenge
o Winner La Savoyarde
o Stage winner, Tour du Valromey
o 2nd overall, National Challenge of cyclo-cross

2004 (U19):

o 5th French National Road Race Championship
o 17th World Championship