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Nationality : New Zealand

Sponsored by : 720armour

Sport : Triathlon

Best Results :

2008 Half Ironman Kenting (113km), 1st Overall

2007 Half Ironman Kenting (113km), 1st Overall

2007 Shung Qi Duathlon (31km), 1st Overall

2006 Super Ironman Kenting (226km), 1st Overall

2006 Half Ironman Kenting (113km), 1st Overall

2005 Tai Dong Olympic distance Triathlon (51.5km), 2nd Overall

2005 Ironman Canada (226km), 9hrs 49mins, 2nd agegroup (Qualified for World IM Championships), 24th overall including Professionals   

2005 Half Ironman Kenting (113km), 1st Overall

2004 Ironman Western Australia 10hrs 11mins

2004 Taipei International Marathon, 2hr 48mins, 3nd agegroup, 17th Overall including Professionals

Hobbies : Swimming, Cycling, Running

Vision :  

To help build up the sport of Triathlon in Taiwan by passing on my knowledge that I have learned from over 20 years of participating in running, biking and Triathlon events.