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Nationality : Taiwan

Experience : 22 yrs

Sponsored by:720armour、Nike、Giant Bikes

Best Results:

1985 Canadian Pan-Pacific BMX Grand Prix; Champion of the Properties Competition.

1989~1999 National BMX Grand Prix; Annual Champion of the Properties Competition

1996 The 2nd Asian Cup Mountain-Bike Tournament; the Third Place of the Downgrade Race

1998 The 4th Asian Cup Mountain-Bike Tournament; Champion of the Extreme Bike Park Race in Taipei

2000 ESPN Extreme Sports Asian Circuit Contest; Asian Champion of the Extreme Bike Park Race

2001 ESPN Extreme Sports Asian Championship Contest; Asian Champion of the Extreme Bike Public Race

2002 New Tra-lai World Extreme Sports Competition; Champion of the Extreme Bike Race

2003 Riding bicycle successfully flied over the Shihkang Dam, Taichung County


Website: http://www.bears-bike.com/