The Evolution of Sports Sunglasses

The brand new 720HiColor lens technology will bring up the visual impact that you’ve might never see ever and raise up the sports sunglasses to another level.


The Relativity between vision and sports performance?

According to multi-years’ research, the color and solar energy commit the significant effect on vision while you’re in motion and also directly reflect on the responsiveness of athletes.


How does a road-cyclist make a judgment upon different environmental factors during a fast moving condition? How could an extreme biker rapidly sense obstacles such as twig and gravel under high-dusty circumstance to make their best performance?


720HiColor technology would be the ultimate solution for them. It would assist to highlight the views that the user need to see in first priority, so that the early judgment and quick response could be made before the situation turns harsh.




Before experiencing 720HiColor, let’s make a metaphor to introduce how it would be like. Imagine you’re working on graphics by Photoshop; you could easily utilize the color; amplify the contrast and saturation, now it just happened in your eyes.


By wearing it on, the world you see would be as processed as the adjusted screen. Better clarity brings you better safety and precisions.


If you’re a cyclist, you now can see faster and better even the small pit on road would not be missed. If you’re playing golf, the green field turns even more green, white ball turns even more white, simple and clear.


Photoshop the image is the illusion that you dream the thing might not actually take place. However, 720HiColor gives the true vision that bettered up in order to see better and safer.



720HiColor let you to See What You need to see

720HiColor is the combination of two major features – Color Highlighter and HEV 420 Blocker.

These two main features could logically calculate the optimized color resist and frequency modulation once they come as one unity.


Not just filter out annoying static within your vision, 720HiColor also establishes structured and dimensional sensitivity to work out the sharpened view and color for the user.

This revolutionary technology highlights the colors and parts that the athlete would require to see most upon different kind of sports.


HEV (High Energy Visible Light) is the violet-blue ray that harms the eyes most significantly from the wave length of 401nm to 420nm within visible spectrum.

HEV420 Blocker functions as the goal-keeper to keep the violet blue light away to prevent macular degeneration to provide clear vision and relieve the eyes.



720HiColor Application:



1. ON-Road/Color Saturation Promoter

Designed for road-cycling, emphasize the contrast and optimize the texture of the road to make the vision at better clarity and well-bedded.


2. Off-Road/ Contrast amplifier

Lift up the contrast of the red and brown color for trail. It helps to make quick response under dusty environment by faster sensing of obstacle.


3. Urban / Vividness equalizer

Better up the color, optimize the vision to give you a colorful sensational ride experience throughout the city.