720 HiColorTM CRx is an optical custom lens with built-in spectral frequency modulation and real-life brightening technology. Combined with the HEV Blocker & Color High Lighter technology, present an unprecedented view to adjust spectral colors, manage light waves penetrating the lens, and block harmful human eyes HEV (High Energy Visible Light) high-energy shortwave blue light (Figure 2), filter out the noise light generated by light wave overlap (color confusion) (Figure 1), so that the three primary colors of RGB (red/green/blue) smoothly pass 720HiColorTM The lens enters the retina of the human eye (Figure 3). The imaging fills with saturated and vivid colors, three-dimensional depth of field vision and images; enhances vision and focus performance, activates the brain to quickly recognize real colors, and easily recognize objects and details, so that the eyes are comfortable and relaxed.

Why You Should Choose 720 HiColorTM CRx?

Top 10 advantages.

  • Panoramic view of optical optimization:using high-class TEOS high toughness impact resistant PC optical lenses, combines with digital light wave tracking system, 3D Free Form high resolution optical technology, full viewing angle point-to-point optimization of optical accuracy, present you the highest quality of sports optics
  • Built-in spectrum frequency modulation:The visible light and spectrum can be adjusted according to the outdoor environment penetration wavelength spontaneously.
  • Optimize dynamic vision: Improve dynamic color balance, enhance the recognition of fast-moving target objects and make swift responses.
  • Noise light waves filter:absorb the blue haze of the atmosphere, filter out blue light and light noise caused by overlapping light waves.
  • Enhance the perception of primary colors: improves the visibility of red/green/yellow primary colors. The scene is more vivid and three-dimensional and the contrast/clearness is strengthened for better distance perception.
  • Filter out harmful blue light:Allowing the beneficial blue light to pass through, and block harmful blue light of HEV before 420nm.
  • Special multi-layer coating:chemical-linked nano-vacuum coating, hydrophilic, oleophobic, reduce glares, repels smudges and improve clarity.
  • Asian fit:Spectral design focused at the sensitivity of Asian eyes, with brighter colors, clear and sharp eyes without glare.
  • Eye care:block 99% of blue-violet light damage to the macula and reduce the risk of (AMD) age-related macular disease.
  • 100% UV protection