The new marketing model: 720armour utilized 5G and AR building soft power

"2020 is a very special year for 720armour, it’s the year of the world suffered from COVID-19 and the new era to embrace of 5G communication,” said Laura Hsu, the deputy general manager of 720armour, which is a sunglasses brand specially designed for Asian faces. As we know COVID-19 can be hugely impacted to the market, shopping in the brick and mortar will soon be replaced by online shopping, so 720armour has launched a Virtual Try-ON (720 Future Eyes AR) for customers interested in our glasses, can virtually fit on instantly and experienced the sunglasses right on your phone. “It’s our first step to utilize AR technology, soon we will have a plan to utilize 5G communication for new marketing model,” said Laura.

Video introduction and virtual try-on, please check here:

About 720armour

Willing to challenge is the brand DNA of 720armour founded in 1996 in Australia, which the 720 represents the ultimate challenge in the world of extreme sports - rotate while being air-borne for 720 degrees and execute the perfect landing.

Their products range from water sports, cycling, cross-country to mountaineering, etc. In 2020, running and cycling are very two popular sports in Taiwan and Asia. The main reason is that the Taiwan government has done a very good job in COVID-19 control and regulation, so despite the world has suffered from the pandemic, the sports events and business activities still going very smoothly in Taiwan, for example, the Challenge Taiwan (triathlon event) and Taipei Marathon are the big festivals for the sports enthusiasts.

2021 Winning lineup

The new products launched timeline has kept going, 720armour’s design language is bold and dares to change, the iconic products are “A-Fei” & “Mars”, these performance glasses are perfectly designed for top athletes, and the bold look can fit in casual lifestyle. In 2021, 720armour is going to release their latest glasses “Flash”, continuously focus on ergonomic technology and advanced optical development, creating an unprecedented outdoor visual experience for sports enthusiasts.

These performance glasses equipped with the latest 720armour patented technology, for example, “Flash” has a lightweight and versatile structure for easily assembling to be different type like whole, half and rimless frames, Anti-Slip temples and adjustable nose pad give you unbeatable comfort, the big cylindrical lens has high optical quality and maximizes your field of view. Moreover, these frame material utilize eco-friendly material (Arkema G850 bio-plastic), which will significantly reduce the impact on the environment. This special compound material can increase the frame’s durability in terms of color fading issue and strength. “We want to build a glasses has a longer lifespan, it can go with the customers for a period instead of a disposal, that’s because we care about environment and brand sustainability,” said Laura.

From waste to wear, 720 recycled sunglasses released  

In terms of sustainability, 720armour has launched industry-leading sunglasses, which recycled ocean waste (fishing net) and then converted and upcycled to the frame material. “We deeply understand that during the manufacturing process will inevitably have an impact on environment, so our teams work very hard to search for the best material, to find the balance among durability, eco-friendly and performance,” said Laura.

Every detail count in the sunglasses, to increase the clarity and contrast of the lens, 720armour has an exclusive lens technology HiColorTM optical lens; 100% anti-UV, filter out harmful blue light before HEV420nm and reduce environmental noise light, improve visual clarity and perception, show good visual sense and sports performance, and give the best eye protection and health care. And the Hi-color lens can be an optional upgrade, in which most of the 720armour sunglasses can interchange the lens, let the athletes choose the lens according to the condition.




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