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Proper care and storage must be taken when dealing with 720’s sunglasses.  We have given you the best product possible, but it is up to you to take care of them.  For complete care, use 720’s Cleaning Kit, designed exclusively for 720 sunglasses.  To ensure your pair lasts long after the warranty, please following the instructions provided here.


-  If your sunglasses have become blurry or unclear, use the micro-fibre cloth included with your sunglasses to wipe them – taking care to be gentle.  DO NOT use any other material to wipe the lenses, as this may cause scratches, smudges and/or interfere with the different coatings


-  Always store your 720’s in the carry case provided with them.  This will ensure they do not warp, bend or break when not being worn.  DO NOT rest them face down on any kind of surface                     


-  If dirt builds up on the lens, rinse them first with warm water and then apply a mild soap to clean them, being very gentle when making actual contact with the lenses.


-  Use 720's Lens cleaner if lenses are excessively blurry or smudged.  DO NOT use any other cleaner as they are not approved products and were not designed exclusively for 720


-  Always dry the lenses with the micro-fibre cloth. 


-  Clean the micro-fibre cloth often.  DO NOT use a fabric softener when cleaning the cloth, as this will ruin its effectiveness.


-  Keep your sunglasses out of intense heat (ex. Next to a heater, sunlight)